Vardaan Medical Center Amritsar

About Us

Vardaan Medical Center, a unique state of the art IVF centre located on Batala Road, Amritsar, Punjab, offers excellent IVF SUCCESS RATES, LOW PRICES and STRESS FREE treatment in North India. Vardaan IVF Center commemorate 17 years as a convenient destination for couples from any part of the country. Our patients come from even abroad - from places like Canada, Australia and UK.

We are committed to provide high-quality medical care with an established, success-proven, internationally trained medical team. Our extensive experience with customized, minimal stimulation IVF treatments and customized IVF protocols allows us to create successful treatment. Vardaan IVF center is awarded North India’s Best IVF Centre 2016.

We are always proud to present our treatment´s overall success rates, as they are among the highest in the state. We have best individual treatment plan and stimulation methods tailored for your needs. Vardaan IVF center has a highly qualified staff who cares to constantly learn to stay on top of the evolution of know-how for fertility. Our fertility treatments and services are delivered in a professional and caring environment by a team of specialists, nurses and counsellors who are all leaders in their fields. We provide global standard services and the information in fertility treatment.

The greatest satisfaction for us is the smile of those who show us their confidence and leave our centre by having realized their goal. To have a healthy baby in their arms!

Our success is best represented by our patients’ voices. Success stories and patient reviews offer an opportunity to see what some patients have to say about Vardaan IVF Center.